How To Crack A Telephonic Job Interview

Posted by sreekanth on August, 02, 2019

In the fast-paced world we live in ways we find jobs and get employed has also undergone a drastic change, even companies today are looking for the best talent available in the country and geographical limitations are not rchallenge either for the employee or the employer, this is one of the prime reasons for the rise of telephonic interview rounds. Employers prefer telephonic interview as it saves them the cost of conducting job interviews, whereas job seekers like this options as it saves time and effort to actually go for a physical interview. Basically, telephonic interviews are a win-win situation for both.

Biggest question that haunts job seekers regarding a Telephonic Interview is how to prepare for them. You don’t get to see the other person’s face and the interviewer judges you mostly on the tone of your voice. But there is a certain amount of preparedness that can make the process manageable, best way to crack a telephonic interview is by being prepared for it. So let’s look at how can you prepare yourself to crack a telephonic interview.

Before the Telephonic Interview

1. Be ready with your resume: Keep it in front of you so that you can glance at it in case the interviewer asks you a question about details mentioned.

2. Keep a notepad ready: During a telephonic interview, you have the options to note down a few things, it can be pointers about a question that is asked or points about how to answer a particular question. So, always Be ready with a pen and a paper to take down notes if needed.

3. Research about the Company: Like a formal in-person interview, you will also have to know a few things about the company you are interviewing for. So, do a bit of research and find out key persons, vision, mission, core business strategy of your future employer. This research will increase your chances of leaving a favourable impression on the interviewer.

4. List of accomplishment: Prepare a list of your achievements strengths and weaknesses with appropriate examples as a proof to your claims. This is a huge advantage of a phone interview.

5. Place with No Distractions: Pick a place for your telephonic interview that do not have distractions. You should not be interrupted by kids, pets or friends. Television noise or loud music is a complete no-no for a telephonic round. Such distractions would break your concentration and create problems during the interview.

6. No Calls: While you are on the phone, make sure you do not get any other calls on the same or any other phone. This may interrupt or distract you from the interview process.

7. Work on your Voice: During a telephonic interview, your voice is your biggest asset. So, practice giving an interview on the phone and record your voice. Notice how confident you are sounding on the phone. Is it impressive or not? Accordingly work on your faults.

8. Formal Clothing: Many candidates opt to dress casually for a telephonic job interview. This might not be the ideal way. So, always consider changing out of your night clothes before the interview. It will induce a certain feeling of professionalism and seriousness in you.

9. Water: Remember, just like in-person interview, telephonic rounds can be extended and run into hours. So, keep a glass of water handy in case you get thirsty.

During the interview

1. Manners: Just because you are not sitting in front of the interviewer, it is not right to take a telephonic interview casually avoid eating, chewing gum or smoking during telephonic interview round

2. No Beds or Couches: Interviewers who conduct telephonic rounds are experts in this field and extra attentive to any detail. They will surely figure out if you are taking the telephonic round from your bed or a comfy couch. So, preferably pick a desk set-up for your job interview. In case that is no available, stand and talk, it will help you articulate better.

3. Avoid Awkward Silence: If you need some time to think over an answer then informs the interviewer to avoid awkward silence on the phone. It is alright to take a few moments to collect your thoughts. Do not feel hesitant to ask.

4. Water: Sip water from time to time It will calm you down.

5. Talk Slowly: Make sure you are not talking too fast. Enunciate your words clearly and be audible.

6. Seek Feedback: You cannot read your interviewer’s body language therefore, it becomes difficult to judge whether he/she is following you or not It is good to ask them in the middle if they are able to understand your point or not.

7. Smile: Keep smiling as you talk even if the interviewer cannot see you. Smiling will cheer you up and it will be communicated across the telephone.

8. Personalize the interview: Ask the interviewer’s name in the beginning as you introduce yourself. Use it several times in your conversation It will help you personalize the conversation and leave a lasting impact on the interviewer.

9. Do not interrupt the interviewer: Wait for your turn to talk. Note down your thoughts on a paper to avoid forgetting it completely by the time it is your turn.

10. Gratitude: Thank your interviewer before keeping the phone and find out about the next stage in the selection process.

Remember telephone interview is the same as an in-person interview treat it with the same seriousness and you will be fine. I hope that these aforementioned tips will help you to crack a telephonic interview in the near future and get you the dream job you are looking for.

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